Friday, June 12, 2009

Apple's latest iPhone 3G-s

Well the highly anticipated launch date, or rather sell date, is almost upon us and the buzz has not stopped over Apple's iPhone 3G s.

Well lets take a look at some of the features of the phone that I can appreciate. I am not going to bore you with all the details, you can read about the rest of them by going to the iPhone 3G s link.

The best upgrade that there were able to put into the new phone is that it is much faster than the last generation phone. Touted as being 2x faster with opening applications, rendering web pages, reading attachments and video for gaming.

Now I like the new camera feature with 3MP, auto-focus and the ability touch zoom in and out and tap to focus on items in the photo. The video capabilities, you could almost say astound over other phones on the market. You can shoot your video in both portrait and landscape(widescreen), you can edit on the fly and post it to iTunes or Youtube with a tap of the screen. Now being the techie that I am, I like the Voice control feature. Having the ability to just say who you want to call as well as to choose what song you want to listen to is great. Oh and don't forget there are language packs available so that you can speak in your native language, from Chinese to Norwegian to Spanish.

Now there are other updates to the iPhone over and above it predecessor that I am sure will make you happy. Me I sat around and watched a family member go gaga over the original and payed a great deal of money for it when it came out. He loves that phone and it does everything he wants it to. The new one I am looking at because of the new features that I like. Price point wise $199 or $299 depending if you want the 16 or 32GB storage. Me I am one to stick with the lesser of two evils but I might have to dip into the piggy bank and pull out enough for the 32GB iPhone. For all of you out there happy dialing, movie making and picture taking.

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