Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Going.. Going.. Gone: Technologies on the out

Who would ever have thought that there were certain things that we have had around for a long time and taken for granted would go the way of the Dodo never to be seen again.

Let me ask you these questions:
1. When was the last time you actually saw a Cassette Tape? (You know those things that came between Vinyl LP's and a Compact Disc)

Now here are some things that you may not have considered could be gone.

2. How many of you have a home analog telephone? (hint: the one you plugged into the wall). Maybe the question should be, how many people under 30 have seen an analog phone? You know the standard phone companies around the world are fearful of losing the last of their die-hard customers to cell phones.
3. How many of you still have VHS tapes to watch your favorite movies? What do you think about DVD's going away as well. DVD's, why would they go away? Well there is Blu-Ray now and with that quality it won't be to long before DVD's end up like VHS tapes.
4. How about Cable TV becoming the next technology to go away? With the rising costs of Cable many people are turning to web-based sources for TV and Movie content. You can go to websites now that are completely devoted virtually commercial free content.

Makes you think about how fast things are changing in the world.

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