Monday, April 11, 2011

Did U Know: Doc Cams and Other Software

As you know I have been sharing a few things lately about Document Cameras with you and today is not unlike the others.

I have a new feature tool that you can utilize which you may not have thought about or had even known could really be done.

Did you know that you could take the displayed content directly from the doc cam and place it into any one of a number of different software packages that you may currently have loaded on your computer? Now I have to preface this by saying that I am a PC guy and cannot guarantee that any of the information that follows will work with a Mac. If there is anyone out there that has tried these please share them so what we can all be informed. As well I have verified just the software packages below will allow for this to occur, please share if you have accomplished this with additional software and I will update my posts.

Now it does not matter whether or not you have an Interactive White Board (#IWB) just that you at least have a computer/laptop, a doc cam and a digital projector to perform the following functions.

Within the eInstruction Workspace, ActivInspire, SMARTBoard and Office Products (Word, Excel and Power Point) you are able to insert the doc cam display directly into the product in an image format. The feature for the most part is part of the Insert Menu on all of the products in one way or another. When you choose the Insert Menu item and the Scanner/Camera option you are asked to import from a specific device. Depending on what type of doc cam you have hooked up to the computer/laptop will determine what you choose from the listed items. Here is a sample listing for some of the doc cam models on the market.

DC130, 150, 155, 160, 162 and 210 choose Visual Presenter V1 Twain
DC166, 260 and 265 choose Visual Presenter V2 Twain

300P and 300AF+ choose Visual Presenter V1 Twain

210 and 335 choose Visual Presenter V1 Twain

Embedded below are the steps per software package on how to Insert the displayed image directly into the listed software packages.

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