Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ActivExpression Update?

Do you have ActivExpressions in your school? Do you know if they are up to date and current with the version of Firmware that is on them? Do you even know what I am talking about?

If not, then keep reading so that you can make sure that your ActivExpressions are up to date so they can work with the newest version of ActivInspire and the features that are available in the Question Editing system.

So how do you know what version of firmware is on your ActivExpression. Well if you can turn on the device you can pretty much know what version you have. If you look at the bottom of the screen when you turn on the device the firmware version number shows up briefly and then disappears. Now don't worry there is another way to see the information without having to keep turning the device on and off to catch a glimpse. When the Expression is on you will need to press the Menu button. After you do that in the display area you will see three options press the "Dot" next to the word Diagnostic. The second line down in the list is the Firmware version that the Expression is running. You should have 9.02.39 which is the current version. The 9.02 is the software and 39 is the Build number which is also shown as B39. If you did not completely understand the above directions I have a short video that demos the steps to see the version number.

So what do you do next if you need to update your ActivExpressions? There are a number of steps that are involved to make sure that each unit in your bag is updated properly. The best way to accomplish this is to sit down and update all of them at the same time instead of trying to do some here and there. That is unless you keep up with the ones that you have updated each time you start another group of units. The easiest for me that I have found is to do them all at once. It leaves no room for marginal error and you can determine any problems that occur right then.

Below is the full video of how to check and update your ActivExpressions.

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