Thursday, January 17, 2013

Restaurant Dining meet Technology

Well you know that technology has made an impact when your dining experience has been enhanced through the use of technology.

How many times have you been to a restaurant in a group when the conversation dies out?  Have you been out with your kids and they are fidgeting around at the table and don;t know what to do with them?  Most people pull out their cell phones and will hop on the internet, check voice mail or texts or go to their favorite social media outlet as the conversation dies or to keep your children's attention.

Well Applebee's seems to have hit the mark on giving you an interactive dining experience with their "Ziosk" table system.  You have the ability to order your food, pay your bill and even play video games.  Yes I said play video games.  For a nominal fee you can play video games while you are waiting for your order to be brought to your table.  Great idea for those nights when you are dealing with both hungry and fidgety kids. 

The Ziosk display unit looks to be a 7" tablet that has been mounted in a sturdy base with a card reader so you can pay your bill by gift or credit card.  Seems to run on a standard OS with a simplified POS system running in it for you to order and pay your bill.  When I paid my bill I was given the option of getting a printed receipt or having one emailed to me.  I chose to have it emailed to me, I don't know about you but I hate walking out of a restaurant with three or four paper receipts.  Within a minute of submitting the payment I received the email with the receipt.  Now there is a catch you do have to offer up your email address to the Applebee's Ziosk display but as of yet I have not received any junk email from them.

So if you are looking for a fun, and interactive, dining experience head on over to the new and improved connected Applebee's nearest you to try out their new menu items and the the on Ziosk table display.

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