Thursday, January 16, 2014

Sports Broadcasting 101

I have been working very hard the past couple of months with a number of different schools both in and out of my district to help guide and build their School News broadcasts. Now I get to delve into another medium that is just a little aside from where I have been going along for a while now.  It is time to get into Sports Broadcasting.   This is something that really has my interest peaked, and I am ready for a new challenge.

I never really thought about separating the sports news from the regular school newscast, I had always just thought it would be a part of the norm.  But a couple of weeks ago I was approached by a colleague regarding the ability within our system to deliver live broadcasts of sporting events including student commentary.  That got me thinking, some of the people I work directly with would say its dangerous, about all of the schools that are already recording their sporting events and the ones that have school newscasts.  This would provide some versatility to the students at the school to be able to go to certain sporting events and record their thoughts on the games as well get some live footage. 

In some of the middle and high schools that I have worked with the hook for some students to get involved was to make sure that there was a sports report as part of the broadcast.  With this possibly becoming an independent broadcast the amount of interest, I think, will grow to the point that it may become a part of the curriculum.

Stay tuned for more information and how the journey begins.

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