Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What is a Good "Digital Citizen"

What does it take to be a good digital citizen and who determines if they are?

Well here it is folks, Microsoft is allowing access to free online curriculum that "..that encourages students to be good digital citizens."

The curriculum helps to teach students about intellectual property rights through different scenarios and demonstrations that they can go through to bolster their knowledge. The programs is labelled as Digital Citizenship and Creative Content. Initially this was targeted for students in grades 8-10 but according to the designers can be adapted for grades 6-12.

On the website you do have to create a free online account, I know another user name and password to remember, to have access to their online content. Once you put in the general info the system asks you to fill out a curriculum area and grade level selection grid. After you move on to the next screen at the bottom of the page are the four units. They would also like for you to fill out the survey of the content after reviewing it.

Each unit is a comprehensive package of information ranging from the general overview and activating strategies to scenarios and post activity review assessments. There are also testimonials from your educational peers that have taken part in this curriculum with their students and again is approved by ISTE and AASL.

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