Thursday, March 12, 2009

"World's smallest music player?"

The new iPod shuffle hit the market and is said to be the "'s smallest music player." It has also been redesigned slightly. You no longer have the wheel anymore, too small not enough room. You do still have the clip though?! Now there is something new called VoiceOver which tells you what voice is playing since you no longer have the display and is activated by an button on the ear buds. The shuffle now has 4GB, an increase of 2GB from the last evolution, of storage space that will hold up to 1000 songs.
Now the size, at 1.8" tall and .3" thin it is as small as some thumb drives on the market. I have to tell you this folks I have enough trouble keeping up with my thumb drives let alone keep up with the new iPod shuffle. Now when I look at this image and the only thing that come to my mind is the old Saturday Night Live Cell Phone skit where the phones got smaller and smaller until it was pretty much gone. Now will this keep me from purchasing the new iPod shuffle? The cost approx. $80 nope, I can live with the size and ease of use with the newer version. I just have to remember to take it out of my pocket before I do laundry.

image provided by: Engadget,

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