Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Google Maps and More

I know that sometimes its the little things that make us smile, but I had an "Geek moment" when I saw this feature in Google Maps, and I may be behind the times on this one but oh well.

I went to google maps to get directions just like anyone else would and ended up seeing a new feature that I had not before.

Google maps offers a Street View of the location that you are looking for. This street view is only available when the street you are looking at is outlined with a "Blue" line. Once you do this you have a pop up window that will allow you to see your destination from the ground as if you were walking or driving in a car.

If you enter an address that is not outlined with blue there is an Icon of a person that will say to see the Street View, drag me to a blue lined street.
Have fun with this feature, oh and I guess it could be kind of creepy too, but still fun.

Well a few days after my "Geek Moment" I was shown and article that was in the Winston-Salem Journal about the new Street View ability of Google maps. The article states that Winston-Salem, NC was one of the first 37 cities along with Charlotte to be part of Google's new Street View feature.

If you want to read the article here it is Journalnow.com Article
Remember that Journalnow.com will archive their news reports after a couple of months so you may want to copy the article.

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