Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Need to find a College to go to?

I know for me it was tough, sitting there with all those college catalogs spread out across the kitchen table. Then it was in-state versus out-of-state and what degree program to go into. With all of those decisions that not only our students, children, or ourselves face would it not be better to go to a one stop shop to find out what we need?

Take a look at Campus Explorer

This is your one stop shop to finding a college to attend. You have the ability to search based on three criteria areas. (1) You can search by 4 yr, 2 yr and Career Education types of institutions, (2) you can search by geographical location and (3) search by major discipline.

Once you are within each criteria area you can then filter down even more to narrow your parameters to find the institution you want to attend. You are given links to the schools as well as the average per year cost of tuition and even provides you an Admissions Calculator so that you can enter in your SAT, ACT scores, GPA and class rank to see your chances of admissions.

Hey if they had this when I was going to college the first time around I would have had a much easier time making my choice.

Hey don't take my word for it, it's that time of year now that High School students are looking at colleges to attend in the fall. Go to Campus Explorer and see how easy it is to get as much info before you make that decision.

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